How to Get Free Items on Trendyol App: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Get Free Items on Trendyol App in 2024: A Step-By-Step Guide This comprehensive piece explains step-by-step how to grab goodies for free from Trendyol app using techniques like daily login bonus, invite-a-friend and participating in campaigns. Follow guidelines to discover amazing free items up for grabs!

Why Choose Trendyol App for Free Products?

Trendyol, Turkey’s highest valued technology company today, is an undisputed leader in e-commerce with over 50 million SKUs offered at lowest prices. However beyond great daily deals, their app-only loyalty features further reward members with free items.

Here are the key reasons why Trendyol app offers highest chances for grabbing free products:

1. Daily Login Bonus

Unlike website, Trendyol app offers guaranteed free products like coupons or vouchers simply for opening the app daily without even buying anything. This takes few seconds but brings high value.

2. Targeted Campaigns

Based on your app behaviour like searches, likes and cart adds, Trendyol tempts matching free goodies so you actually use them. The personalisation increases relevance of free items.

3. Retention Offers

Treating mobile app members specially to enhance loyalty, Trendyol keeps surprising VIP users returning every day with tailor-made free gifts.

4. Exclusive Prizes

Special contests like spin-the-wheel or answer-questions pop up inside Trendyol app awarding app-only lucky draw wins redeemable for expensive products for free.

5. Referral Incentives

Invite friends to app via shareable link for them to grab signup offers plus you also gain free items when they purchase. Everyone wins!

Using the Trendyol app optimizes chances to grab free products via above features eliminating website limitations. So let’s deep dive to understand step-by-step guide for availing these.

Step 1: Download and Register on Trendyol App

As first step, within your Android or iOS smartphone device:

  • Install the Trendyol mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store respectively.
  • Open the app post successful install to view amazing products
  • Register your user account easily via email, phone number or social media accounts

Ensure your profile is fully activated to unlock personalized app-only offers going forward. This quick one-time setup prepares the ground for claiming free products consistently through Trendyol mobile app.

Step 2: Daily App Login for Guaranteed Free Coupon

This is the easiest tactic promising freebies from Trendyol app daily. Open app each morning or night to receive notification for “Günün Kampanyası” meaning “Today’s Deal”.

It previews a coupon that gets credited FREE upon tap which you can redeem either immediately or future purchases. Min. 30-40 Lira off guaranteed daily!

To grab deal, ensure app notifications are enabled from Profile Settings. Then simply launch app anytime once a day and check bottom icons for coupon notification to tap & save for free.

Step 3: Share and Invite Friends for Signup Offers

Trendyol lets members on app refer friends easily via shareable link or QR code and rewards free items for successful referrals.

When someone joins via your invite, you can see in app who signed up under your referral. More friends join, higher the free rewards you earn!

Similarly those signing up with invite link get their signup offers. So it’s mutually beneficial to spread the word on Trendyol app through easy tools provided.

Step 4: Check In-App Contests and Lucky Draws

For app loyalists visiting daily, Trendyol announces flash contests and competitions with prizes like free electronics, home appliances, holiday packages and more exciting high-value products.

These are interactive games and question-answers anyone can attempt with bit of luck. Participating itself requires simple app visit or share hence costs nothing.

But winning picks awarded randomly via lucky-draws bring very expensive items for FREE. Set activity notifications ON for alerts when new contests are announced by Trendyol with countdown timers.

Step 5: Act on Targeted App Campaigns for Profile

While Step 2 assured a guaranteed free coupon daily for everyone, personalized app campaigns bring tailored free products matching your interests.

These promotions prompt special free deals saying “We noticed you added to cart / viewed this product category frequently. Here’s a gift exclusively for you!”

Whenever you receive pop-ups while browsing Trendyol app saying you stand to win free stuff, do act fast within campaign’s limited timeframes. Highly relevant for you!

Step 6: Strategically Engage More with Trendyol App

Beyond assured daily coupon & responding to targeted campaigns, voluntary extra app engagement earns more free rewards.

Here are strategic actions to try and unlock added freebies:

  • Spend few extra minutes daily exploring various Trendyol app sections
  • Tap heart icon on profiles “Beğen” for Wishlisting more products
  • Try out AR features on your saved items
  • Share cool finds with friends on social media
  • Engage seller stores via Q&A and Reviews
  • Complete your Profile setting up address etc

These voluntary actions signal Trendyol their app gets priority attention from you – eligible for maximising free gifts!

Step 7: Redeem and Enjoy Saved Free Rewards!

As you keep collecting earned coupons, lucky draw prizes, targeted gifts plus voluntary treats for app activity over time following above steps diligently:

Don’t forget to redeem them! Checks “Hediyelerim” meaning “My Gifts” section.

You will see all free items credited with respective terms like minimum cart value for coupons or expiry dates. Read rules before use.

Ultimately shop your desired products paying the discounted price after applying available coupons. Or for full free wins like goodies, electronics etc – add to cart with ₺0 price tag!

Getting free products on Trendyol requires initial legwork investing efforts suggested above. But once system grasps your loyalty, you’ll receive automated app-only offers consistently alongside guaranteed daily deals.

Trendyol App Free Products: Final Tips and Tricks

To conclude the step-by-step guide on gracing maximum free products through Trendyol app, keep below tips in mind:

  • Have app notifications enabled for timely alerts on deals and contests
  • Check app daily even for few minutes to keep getting coupons
  • Attempt participation in contests; winners picked randomly!
  • Maintain consistency inviting friends who may actually use offers
  • Increase overall window-shopping product interactions within app
  • When receiving personalized offer for free item, act quickly!

Follow this comprehensive manual to transform Trendyol app into your personal rewards machine supplying unlimited free products tailored to your preferences. Consistent app usage guarantees winning goodies, huge savings via daily coupons and unlocking profile-based retention offers.

Implement these step-by-step tactics now to stop missing out on amazing free stuff up for grabs to loyal members on Trendyol mobile app through their various features like guaranteed deals, retention promotions, contests plus social referrals. Get started right away!


What kind of free items can I get on the Trendyol app?

You can get free coupons, discount vouchers, lucky draw prizes like electronics, home appliances, holiday packages, and more. The app also gives personalized offers for free items matching your interests.

How often does Trendyol app give guaranteed free deals?

The Trendyol app offers at least one guaranteed free product coupon daily just for logging in once. This coupon gives minimum 30-40 Lira off on purchases.

Do I need to make any purchases to get free items on Trendyol app?

No, many of the freebie offers do not require any purchases. You can get items just for daily login, participating in contests, referring friends without spending anything.

What kind of activities can help me earn more free products?

Strategic actions like increasing product interactions, wishlisting more items, sharing finds on social media, engaging seller stores, and completing your profile can lead Trendyol to reward you with higher free items.

How do I redeem the free products won on the Trendyol app?

Go to “Hediyelerim” meaning “My Gifts” section in your app. See saved coupons, prizes won etc. that mention validity dates or terms. Read rules before redeeming them at discounted or zero price.

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