How to Register and Sign Up on Trendyol: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Register and Sign Up on Trendyol: A Step-By-Step Guide.E-commerce has experienced massive growth around the world in recent years. Online shopping brings convenience for consumers to purchase a diverse range of products delivered to their doorstep. Trendyol has emerged as one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Turkey. Read on to understand why Trendyol is a top choice to buy a variety of items along with a detailed guide to register and create an account.

Overview of Trendyol for Online Shopping in Turkey

Founded in 2010 in Istanbul, Trendyol has grown rapidly from a startup to a e-commerce leader in Turkey. As per their latest February 2023 report, Trendyol crossed over 50 million products offered by 45 thousand sellers on their platform with over 4,400 category options to local customers in 81 provinces of Turkey.

What fuels Trendyol’s growth is their seamless user experience through apps and website, dedicated logistics network as the first e-merchant handling its own shipping beyond partnerships and dynamic pricing with regular discounts provided by their mobile app.

For any avid online consumer in Turkey, Trendyol provides the best assortment and prices plus convenience of quick deliveries. Their own delivery fleet even in smaller cities ensures 85% of their orders reach next day itself. This firsthand control over inventory and shipping strengthens reliability – thus popularity – of shopping via Trendyol.

Beyond great deals across fashion, beauty, home appliances and everything for daily Turkish consumer needs, Trendyol invests heavily in fraud protection so consumers feel secure transacting online. User profiles and habits are closely monitored to prevent unauthorized access along with regular security audits exceeding industry standards proactively.

As the go-to platform for 13 million monthly visitors searching great products online, starting one’s shopping journey with Trendyol is recommended. But first, let’s learn how to create an account step-by-step to access all features offered for members.

Why should you have a registered account on Trendyol?

As an online shopper in Turkey, having your own Trendyol account unlocks useful features not available for guest visitors. Though guest checkout is allowed, account holders enjoy key perks like:

Faster Checkout with Saved Details

A major reason to open a free Trendyol account is to breeze through checkout next purchases. Add residential address, registered payment methods and recipient contacts once. This data gets saved for filling automatically later reducing hassle of re-entering details.

Order History and Status Tracking

Members can access a dashboard of their previous orders and current status. Easily track dispatches, return items or print invoices of past transactions via account login. No need contacting customer support to retrieve order details.

Personalized Recommendations

Based on your account’s search and purchase behavior, Trendyol curates suggested products on your home screen. This customized recommendations engine reflects items that align with your interests so you discover related purchases.

Exclusive Member Discounts and Campaigns

For registered users, Trendyol runs member-only campaign notifying special coupon codes and flash sales open for limited periods exclusively to account holders. This VIP access helps save extra on purchases.

Dedicated Customer Service

Official members can raise support tickets for flagged issues to get quicker redress compared to anonymous users. Trendyol assigns higher priority via accounts identified through secure login protocols.

So while casual browsing Trendyol works anonymously, transaction-intensive shoppers should open a free account to tap into above facilities. Next up, let’s detail step-by-step what’s needed to register yourself.

Step 1: Visit Trendyol Website or Mobile App

Trendyol serves customers through both desktop website and mobile apps available. To create your account, first access any of these platforms:

Trendyol Website
Launch any browser on your laptop, PC or smartphone and open link:

This loads the Trendyol website you can navigate to search and buy available products.

Trendyol Mobile App
Simply download the Android or iOS app named “Trendyol” for free and install it onto your phone. Open the Trendyol app post successful install.

Equal capabilities exist to explore and transact via website and Trendyol mobile app. Now within any interface, locate the account creation portal.

Step 2: Locate the Üye Ol Button

As highlighted before, Trendyol allows browsing even without an account as a guest. To register yourself, you need to find the “Üye Ol” button located on top right corner of website or app.

In Trendyol website, locate top black strip menu where at extreme right you will notice an icon with text “Giriş Yap” meaning “Sign In” and beside it “Üye Ol” meaning “Become a Member”.

Similarly within the Trendyol app, tap the Profile icon on bottom toolbar again showing “Giriş Yap” beside which tap “Üye Ol” button.

This Üye Ol button is gateway to open the Member Registration Form to create your account securely.

Step 3: Choose Registration Method

After tapping the Üye Ol “Become a Member” Call-to-Action button on Trendyol, you reach the account creation screen. Different options exist here to set up your account – select your preferred method among:

A. Email Registration

Choose to register with your personal Email ID and password. This needs remembering password for future logins. Email account option works universally across platforms.

B. Telephone Number

Prefer instead to enter your registered Telephone Number in Turkish national format. You shall receive an SMS code for signing in next visits. Simple method but restricted only within Turkey.

C. Facebook Account

Have an existing Facebook profile? Opt to directly link that for easy access each visit post linking once now. No separate Trendyol password needed this way.

D. Google Account

Similar to Facebook account linking, tap Google profile if you have one allowing to sign in via Google credentials hereafter. Removes hassle of separate Trendyol account password.

Choose wisely depending on whether you wish to create exclusive Trendyol account with own password or link to existing social media accounts. Email and Phone number options need dedicated Trendyol passwords. Let’s next understand inputs for each selection.

Step 4: Account Registration Form Details

Based on selecting Email, Phone, Facebook or Google account creation choice for Trendyol membership option, specific fields need completing to finish secure registration.

A. Email Registration Inputs

Selecting standalone Email Registration, below is asked:

  • Name & Surname
  • Email Address
  • Password

Set your unique password here safely keeping a note to input next logins. Create strong password to maximize account security.

B. Telephone Registration Details

For Turkish residents preferring direct mobile number registration, you need enter:

  • Name & Surname
  • Telephone Number in proper Turkish format
  • SMS Confirmation Code sent to your phone

Remember the code received via SMS to complete sign up using your number. Add country code prefix before your telephone digits accurately.

C. Facebook Account Linking

Upon choosing Facebook as login method, first authorization is sought:

  • Tap Continue as [Your Name]
  • When Facebook asks “Trendyol wants to access your public..” – Permit Access
  • You may get option to synchronize Email/Contacts. Your preference.

This allows accessing your Facebook profile for simplified Trendyol login going forward.

D. Google Account Linking

For Google account holders, authorize similarly:

  • Choose Google profile
  • Google prompts permission approval to share basic info
  • Review info to be shared – Agree to Sync

Based on the registration medium opted, share requested credentials for completing next steps.

Step 5: Account Activation

After submitting all accurate inputs in the new user registration form as highlighted for different account types chosen in previous section, verify your:

Email Address

If signed up with email, check inbox for confirmation link sent to click within limited hours. This activates the registered account.

Telephone Number

For mobile number registration, enter the 6 digit code received via SMS on following screen. This number matches code’s request during Step 4.

Correct code input will activate your phone number based Trendyol profile immediately.

Facebook/Google Accounts

No additional step needed for social media accounts. Directly proceeds to user dashboard on permit access to Facebook/Google profile while linking in Step 4.

Ensure not to close window till getting verification for email method. Or SMS code entering for mobile number route. Password setting itself completes Google/Facebook signup.

Step 6: Explore Trendyol Personalized Member Dashboard

Post successful Trendyol account activation via your preferred channel – email, phone number, Facebook or Google credentials – you will be redirected to your account DASHBOARD welcoming as registered member!

Dashboard shows personalized options like:

  • Order tracking quick-links
  • Previously viewed product recommendations
  • Ongoing cart status across devices
  • Exclusive member-only offers
  • Saved addresses and payment methods
  • Complaints and support ticketing
  • Full order history and profile management
  • Discounts and notification preferences

Do explore your account’s features and customize settings to your liking at this stage. Main advantage is seamless identification across website visits and app access going forward by signing in using newly created credentials.

Consider bookmarking the Profile icon option to quickly access your dashboard on future Trendyol visits be it via web or mobile app.

With this your user registration process is fully complete. Let’s next summarize the key takeaways from this step-by-step Trendyol account creation guide.

Summary: Key Highlights of Opening Trendyol Account

Let’s briefly recap how to become a registered member with your own account on Trendyol for enhanced user experience:

  • Visit Trendyol website or mobile app
  • Tap Üye Ol button for account creation
  • Select method: Email, Phone, Facebook or Google
  • Submit details sought in registration form
  • Verify account via email link / SMS code
  • Explore personalized member dashboard
  • Input your credentials henceforth on each visit to auto-login

Registered users unlock exclusive perks like faster checkout, customized recommendations, special member-only offers, simplified order tracking and dedicated support service.

Though browsing anonymously has no limitation, transaction-oriented shoppers must open an account on Trendyol via email, phone or social media integration for smoother experience.

This completes an exhaustive walkthrough to securely sign up on Trendyol e-commerce portal in a step-by-step 2024 updated guide. Implement the guidelines to establish your access going forward supporting all future shopping needs reliably.

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How do I register on Trendyol?

To register on Trendyol, visit the website or download the app from your app store. Click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button and fill in the required information such as your name, email address, and password. You may also have the option to sign up using your social media accounts.

Is registering on Trendyol free?

Yes, registering on Trendyol is free of charge. You can create an account without any cost, and there are no subscription fees associated with it. However, you may need to pay for products or services you purchase through the platform.

Do I need to verify my email address after registering on Trendyol?

Yes, it’s common for platforms like Trendyol to require email verification to ensure the security of your account. After registering, you’ll typically receive an email with a verification link. Click on the link to confirm your email address and complete the registration process.

Is there an age requirement to register on Trendyol?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old to register for an account on Trendyol. This age requirement is common for most online platforms to comply with legal regulations regarding online activities and transactions.

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