Does Trendyol deliver to USA? [2024]

Does Trendyol deliver to USA? Trendyol is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Turkey, offering a wide range of products from clothing to home appliances. The company has seen immense growth over the past few years, becoming a major player in Turkey’s online shopping landscape. However, Trendyol currently only delivers to addresses within Turkey and does not offer international shipping options.

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Overview of Trendyol

Trendyol was founded in 2010 in Istanbul and has rapidly grown to dominate online retail in Turkey. The company offers over 300,000 products across categories such as fashion, homeware, electronics, kids items, personal care, sporting goods, and more. Trendyol works with over 20,000 sellers, including both big brands and small merchants, to offer a extensive product selection.

Some key facts about Trendyol:

  • Founded in 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey
  • 20+ million monthly visitors
  • Over 5 million active customers
  • 300,000+ products available
  • partnership with 20,000+ sellers
  • Biggest ecommerce company in Turkey
  • Valued at over $1 billion USD

The company has state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure including warehouse facilities, shipping operations and delivery services. This allows Trendyol to ship most products same-day or next-day to customers in all major cities in Turkey.

Does Trendyol Ship Internationally?

Unfortunately, Trendyol currently does not offer international shipping options to customers outside of Turkey. All delivery addresses must be within Turkey in order to complete an order on Trendyol’s website or mobile app.

Some key points about Trendyol’s international shipping policy:

  • Only ships to addresses within Turkey
  • No international delivery available
  • Cannot ship items to other countries
  • Delivery only within Turkish borders
  • No option to select international shipping address
  • Customer service unable to assist with international orders

So in short, Trendyol does not deliver to the USA or any other country outside of Turkey at this time. All purchases on Trendyol must be sent to an address within Turkey.

Why Doesn’t Trendyol Offer International Shipping?

There are a few major reasons why Trendyol does not currently offer international shipping options:

Focused on Turkish Market

Trendyol is laser-focused on dominating ecommerce within Turkey. Since the company was founded in 2010, it has aggressively expanded to offer nationwide delivery across Turkey with increasing speed and reliability. Trendyol is still working on perfecting its domestic shipping operations before considering international expansion.

Logistics Challenges

Arranging international shipping and deliveries introduces major logistical challenges and costs. From customs procedures to return policies, international orders are far more complex to manage versus domestic ecommerce. Trendyol likely wants to master local Turkish delivery before taking on these added complications.

Regulations and Taxes

Shipping items internationally also brings up regulatory issues around taxes, duties and customs clearance. As a Turkish company, Trendyol App does not have expertise in navigating customs regulations in foreign countries like the USA. These complex requirements create barriers to offering worldwide delivery.

Language/Currency Barriers

Trendyol’s website and customer service are designed for Turkish customers. Transitioning to supporting different languages and currencies would require significant investment. Limiting orders to Turkey avoids these added costs and complexities.

Security and Fraud Risks

International orders come with increased fraud and security risks, as its more difficult to verify foreign customers and deliveries. By focusing on domestic Turkish orders, Trendyol can better control fraud and minimize risks.

Will Trendyol Ever Deliver to the USA?

There is a possibility that Trendyol may eventually ship to the USA and other countries as it continues expanding. However, the company has not announced any official plans to offer international delivery options.

A few key factors that may influence Trendyol’s decision to deliver internationally:

  • Further build out of domestic infrastructure in Turkey
  • Demand from foreign customers for Trendyol products
  • Competition from ecommerce companies with international shipping
  • Developing capabilities around taxes, compliance, fraud prevention
  • Hiring talent with international ecommerce expertise
  • Forming partnerships with global shipping and logistics providers

For the near future, Trendyol seems focused on solidifying its dominant position in the Turkish market. But in the long run, expanding worldwide could become a growth opportunity if logistical challenges can be properly addressed.

How to Buy from Trendyol if You Live Outside Turkey

Although Trendyol does not directly ship overseas, there are some options for international customers who want to purchase items on Trendyol:

Parcel Forwarding Service

A parcel forwarding or reshipping service allows you to buy items on Trendyol delivered domestically, which the service will then forward on internationally to you. This adds fees but enables worldwide delivery.

Turkish Shopping Agent

You can hire a personal shopping agent based in Turkey to purchase products for you on Trendyol and then handle international couriering. This is more expensive but convenient.

Ask a Contact in Turkey

If you have a friend or family member located in Turkey, you can have them order items on Trendyol locally and then mail them to you internationally.

Visit Turkey In-Person

For high value or heavy items, it may be cheaper to fly to Turkey and purchase the products at a Trendyol pickup location in person. You can then bring them back yourself when returning home.

Should Trendyol Prioritize International Expansion?

There are good arguments on both sides of whether Trendyol should focus on international growth:

Pro Arguments

  • Access massive new markets like USA, Europe
  • Increase brand awareness globally
  • Tap into demand from foreign customers
  • Compete with other international ecommerce players
  • Leverage Trendyol’s expertise in online retail
  • Acquire talent experienced with worldwide logistics and compliance

Con Arguments

  • Significant logistical challenges and costs
  • Distract focus from capturing Turkish market
  • Dilute competitive position in core domestic market
  • Requires major investment in new capabilities and infrastructure
  • Increased complexity managing customs, taxes, languages, currencies
  • Higher risks related to security, fraud, data regulations

Overall, Trendyol’s management team seems to have made the strategic choice to focus on being the dominant platform in Turkey before expanding globally. This allows them to optimize operations locally and control risks. Until logistics and regulatory challenges can be addressed, Trendyol will likely remain a domestic Turkish player.

Challenges of Cross-Border Ecommerce

Expanding into cross-border ecommerce comes with substantial challenges that Trendyol would need to navigate if they decide to ship internationally:

Shipping Costs

International shipping is significantly more expensive than domestic delivery. Costs are higher for long distances and customs procedures. Trendyol would likely need to increase shipping fees for overseas orders, which may reduce demand.

Customs Procedures

Import and export regulations are complex and vary across different countries. Trendyol would need to develop customs clearance capabilities and compliance processes to legally ship worldwide.

Return Logistics

Managing returns for international orders is difficult and costly. Trendyol would need to build procedures to handle overseas refunds and exchanges smoothly.

Payment Methods

Accepting international payments requires integrating diverse payment methods and currencies. Trendyol would need to support options like credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay from different countries.

Taxes and Duties

Sales tax collection, value-added tax, customs duties all become more complicated internationally. Trendyol must have systems to handle tax rules in every market.

Language Support

To expand globally, Trendyol would need to translate its website and customer service into multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, etc.

Marketing and Branding

Effective marketing in foreign countries requires nuanced strategies tailored to local cultures and preferences. Trendyol must invest in country-specific branding and marketing.

Customer Service

Serving international customers smooth requires 24/7 customer service coverage in different languages. This demands major investments in support staff and training.

Fraud and Security

Cross-border sales come with increased risk of fraud, cyberattacks and data breaches. Trendyol would need to implement strong protections for overseas transactions.

Legal and Regulatory

Every country has distinct laws around consumer rights, product classifications, prohibited items and more. Trendyol must vet compliance in new markets.

Key Markets with Global Ecommerce Potential

If Trendyol pursues international expansion, here are some of the key potential markets with large ecommerce opportunities:

United States

The US is the world’s largest ecommerce market worth over $700 billion annually. It represents a massive opportunity for growth. Challenges include high shipping costs, complex sales tax policies, and intense domestic competition.

United Kingdom

UK is a top market globally with high rates of online shopping and opportunities in segments like fashion and electronics. Logistic improvements would be needed to maintain Trendyol’s fast Turkey delivery speeds.


Germans spend over $100 billion online per year. It’s a lucrative market, although low profit margins and high buyer expectations would pose difficulties.


China is the world’s largest ecommerce market valued at over $2 trillion. However, intense local competition and complex Chinese regulations create barriers for non-native companies.

Saudi Arabia

Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia is growing at over 20% annually. Customs processes are improving and customers have high mobile usage. Language and payment support would need enhancements.

United Arab Emirates

High mobile penetration, tech savvy customers and lack of local competitors make UAE an attractive market. Challenges include cultural nuances and restrictions on permitted products.


India is seeing 40% annual ecommerce growth. Opportunities in categories like electronics and apparel exist, but logistics networks require major upgrades to support remote regions.

Top International Ecommerce Companies

Here are some of the top global players in cross-border online retail that Trendyol could compete with by expanding internationally:


The ecommerce giant ships to over 100 countries and offers global logistics infrastructure. But each local Amazon site serves that country specifically.


eBay is a marketplace facilitating international transactions. It faces rising competition but enables small sellers to easily ship worldwide.


China’s largest ecommerce company features global wholesale marketplaces like AliExpress. But most products are sourced from China-based suppliers.


This major Japanese retailer operates global marketplaces and acquired international assets like Ebates. It provides a single platform across different countries.


Wish serves 100+ countries by allowing Chinese manufacturers to sell directly to consumers worldwide at extremely low costs.


While focusing on handmade goods, Etsy sellers ship products worldwide. It uses partnerships to simplify cross-border transactions.


Shopify powers over 1 million merchant websites across the globe. It offers tools and rates for retailers to expand internationally.


Headquartered in Germany, Zalando has become Europe’s top online fashion destination shipping to 17 countries.


This UK fast fashion e-tailer ships affordable stylish clothing worldwide, tailoring its national websites to local markets.

Options for Expanding Delivery Internationally

Trendyol has a few options to potentially expand international delivery capabilities:

Leverage Existing Carriers

Trendyol could negotiate rates for international shipping with its current Turkish carrier partners like Yurtiçi Kargo. This quickly enables global delivery through known logistics providers.

Contract New Carriers

Signing deals with major international couriers like DHL, FedEx and UPS could power worldwide delivery. Integrations and rate negotiations would need setup.

Acquire Local Carriers

Buying smaller local shipping companies in each country could give Trendyol more ownership over the full delivery chain. But this is capital intensive.

Develop In-House Operations

Building its own international logistics network with leased planes, trucks and warehouses would be costly but provide maximum control.

Self-Service Integrations

Using shipping API integrations could allow Trendyol to easily add new carriers as needed for specific countries without lengthy setup.

Delivery Partnerships

Partnering with major global platforms like Amazon or Shopify to handle international shipping could leverage their existing worldwide infrastructure.

Crowdsourced Delivery

A crowdsourced delivery model using contractors in each country could support global last-mile delivery economically. But it risks quality control.

Pitfalls to Avoid with International Expansion

If it pursues global shipping, Trendyol needs to proactively avoid these common international ecommerce pitfalls:

Underestimating Localization Needs

Failing to adapt the shopping experience to match local languages, currencies and preferences dooms global expansions.

Using Google Translate

Direct translations rarely convey the right message. Professional human translations are essential for international websites and marketing.

Ignoring Cultural Nuances

What appeals to Turkish customers may fall flat elsewhere. Trendyol needs in-depth understanding of cultural norms and sensitivities.

Assuming One Size Fits All

Taking a single global approach misses key differences between international markets. Localized strategies are crucial.

Focusing Too Broadly

Expanding to too many countries at once spreads resources dangerously thin. A phased rollout to key markets is more strategic.

Neglecting Compliance

Lack of legal and tax knowledge can lead to dangerous violations in new markets. Extensive compliance expertise is a prerequisite.

Racing Ahead of Capabilities

Jumping into complex global logistics, payments and customer service before having mature capabilities risks major failures.

Not Segmenting International Data

Analyzing all international customers as one group obscures vital region-specific insights needed to optimize conversion and marketing.

Disrespecting Local Competition

Established domestic players have major home field advantage. Trendyol must differentiate itself and respect incumbent rivals.

Evaluating International Expansion Readiness

Before expanding globally, Trendyol should assess its readiness across key dimensions:

  • Funding: Does Trendyol have sufficient capital to finance global growth?
  • Leadership: Is the executive team aligned on international expansion?
  • Data Tracking: Are systems in place to gather insights across different markets?
  • Local Partners: What global partners and suppliers does Trendyol have relationships with?
  • Technology: Can Trendyol’s platform, apps and tools easily scale globally?
  • Logistics: Is the supply chain agile enough for international shipping?
  • Compliance: Does Trendyol have expertise in diverse global regulations?
  • Customer Service: Can support be provided 24/7 in multiple languages?
  • Payment Processing: Does Trendyol support relevant global payment methods?
  • Security: Are fraud and data protections sufficient for overseas?
  • Branding: Is marketing tailored for different countries and cultures?

Thoroughly evaluating preparedness across these dimensions would inform the viability and strategy for expanding internationally. Prioritizing focus markets and building partnerships in advance could increase the odds of successfully translating Trendyol’s domestic Turkish success globally long-term. But substantial investment and lead time would be required to get cross-border operations off the ground in a sustainable manner.

In Closing

Expanding delivery internationally represents an ambitious next chapter for Trendyol’s growth story if the company is strategically willing and operationally ready to take on the formidable challenges involved. Offering worldwide shipping could unlock huge new markets for Trendyol, but also introduces major logistical, regulatory and competitive complexities. While domestic Turkish dominance remains the priority for now, global expansion could become Trendyol’s long-term future if approached methodically, realistically and creatively.

Does Trendyol deliver to USA


Does Trendyol deliver to the USA?

Yes, Trendyol does deliver to the USA. Customers in the USA can shop on Trendyol’s website or app and have their orders delivered to their address in the USA.

How long does it take for Trendyol to deliver to the USA?

The delivery time for Trendyol orders to the USA can vary depending on the shipping method selected and the location of the delivery address. Standard shipping may take several days to a few weeks, while expedited shipping options are available for faster delivery.

What are the shipping costs for Trendyol orders to the USA?

The shipping costs for Trendyol orders to the USA can vary depending on the size and weight of the package, as well as the selected shipping method. Customers can see the shipping costs during the checkout process before completing their order.

Can I track my Trendyol order to the USA?

Yes, Trendyol provides tracking information for orders to the USA. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number that you can use to track your package online. Tracking information may take some time to update, so it’s important to check back periodically for the latest status of your shipment.

Are there any restrictions on what I can order from Trendyol to the USA?

While Trendyol does deliver to the USA, there may be restrictions on certain items based on local regulations or shipping policies. It’s important to check the product page or contact customer service for more information about any restrictions that may apply to your order.

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