Trendyol english a leading online shoping market

Trendyol english a leading online shoping market Here, we’ll provide an overview of Trendyol, its history, business model, product offerings, marketing strategies and future outlook.

An Introduction to Trendyol

Trendyol was launched in 2010 by Demet Mutlu as part of the Turkish conglomerate Hepsiburada. The company operates as an online retailer and marketplace, allowing both direct sales and third-party seller options on its platform. Its headquarters are located in Istanbul.

Within just a few years of launch, Trendyol became the leading e-commerce site in Turkey. As of 2022, it has over 30 million monthly active users, over 32 million registered members, and carries over 850,000 different products from over 45,000 sellers. The company ships to all 81 provinces in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.

Some key facts and figures about Trendyol:

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Founder: Demet Mutlu
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Number of Employees: Over 3,000
  • Funding: Over $728 million from investors like Alibaba, General Atlantic and Princeville Global
  • Number of Monthly Active Users: Over 30 million (as of 2022)
  • Number of Products: Over 850,000
  • Number of Sellers: Over 45,000

Trendyol has expanded beyond just e-commerce and now offers additional services including Trendyol Express (quick deliveries), Trendyol Financial Services (consumer financing), and Trendyol Travel (vacation packages).

The company is the e-commerce leader not just in Turkey but across the Middle East. It has successfully tapped into the country’s young, digital savvy population that is embracing online shopping.

The History and Growth of Trendyol

Trendyol was founded by Demet Mutlu in 2010 under the umbrella of Hepsiburada, the leading Turkish online retailer. The goal was to create a purely online fashion and lifestyle destination for the Turkish market.

The site was an immediate hit with the digitally native youth in Turkey. Within the first year of launch itself, Trendyol had over 1 million registered users. The growth only accelerated from there.

Major milestones in Trendyol’s growth include:

  • 2011 – Site expands into categories beyond fashion including homeware, sports equipment and more.
  • 2012 – Trendyol marketplace is launched allowing third-party sellers. This expanded product selection massively.
  • 2014 – Mobile apps for iOS and Android are launched. Over 50% of customers now shop on mobile.
  • 2015 – Trendyol begins same day and next day deliveries in major cities.
  • 2016 – Launches Trendyol Fashion Week highlighting Turkish designers and brands.
  • 2017 – Alibaba Group invests $350 million into the company, signaling international ambition.
  • 2018 – Further funding of $200 million received from investors like Princeville Global.
  • 2019 – Trendyol Express launched providing 90 minute deliveries in Istanbul and 1 hour in select areas.
  • 2020 – Despite Covid-19, Trendyol sales grew 64%. It becomes the 8th most visited site in the world.
  • 2021 – Launches Trendyol Financial Services and Trendyol Travel verticals.
  • 2022 – Monthly active users exceed 30 million. Over 45,000 sellers on the platform.

Fueled by rapid digitization, increasing internet penetration and popularity of mobile commerce, Trendyol has grown exponentially over the past decade while also expanding its services.

It is now the undisputed leader in Turkish e-commerce and among the fastest growing platforms globally.

Trendyol’s Business Model

Trendyol operates as an e-commerce marketplace with a mix of direct sales and third-party sellers. This hybrid model has helped the company rapidly expand its product assortment and scale over the years.

Here are some key elements of Trendyol’s business model:

  • Retail sales – Trendyol buys inventory directly from brands and sells it to consumers. This ensures availability of popular and established brands.
  • Marketplace sellers – Independent sellers can list their products for sale on Trendyol. This provides more variety and competition. Trendyol charges commissions on third-party transactions.
  • Advertising revenue – Brands and sellers can purchase ads on Trendyol to increase product visibility. This is another revenue stream.
  • Customer service – Call centers and online representatives provide support to shoppers before and after sales. This provides quality post-purchase experience.
  • Fulfillment and logistics – Trendyol handles order management, packaging and nationwide shipping through its warehouses and logistics partners.
  • Platform fees – Convenience fees, transaction fees and service fees generate added platform revenue from customers.
  • Trendyol Express – For quick deliveries in major cities, Trendyol handles end-to-end single-hour shipping and charges premium fees.

The combination of retail, marketplace, advertising and value-added service revenue has allowed the company to grow profitably.

Key Product Categories on Trendyol

Trendyol began as a fashion and lifestyle e-tailer but has expanded significantly over the years. It now covers over 850,000 products across dozens of categories including:

  • Women’s Fashion – Dresses, tops, jackets, jeans, swimwear, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry and more.
  • Men’s Fashion – Tops, pants, jackets, underwear, accessories, watches, shoes, sportswear and more.
  • Children & Babies – Clothes, toys, diapers, strollers, car seats, formula and more.
  • Beauty & Cosmetics – Makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, personal care and beauty tools.
  • Underwear & Nightwear – Bras, underwear, shapewear, pajamas, socks and home clothes.
  • Bags & Shoes – Handbags, backpacks, luggage, wallets, leather goods, sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, slippers and more.
  • Watches & Accessories – Trendy watches, sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry and other fashion accessories.
  • Sports & Outdoor – Sportswear, fitness equipment, bicycles, camping, hunting, treadmills and outdoor recreation gear.
  • Auto & Moto – Interior accessories, tires, oils, tools, spare parts and motorcycle equipment.
  • Kitchenware – Pots, pans, cookware, glassware, utensils, ovenware, coffee makers, mixers, blenders and more.
  • Furniture & Home – Sofas, beds, wardrobes, lighting, rugs, curtains, home decor and smart home technology.
  • Electronics – Smartphones, computers, tablets, cameras, video games, wearables, audio equipment and accessories.

This wide selection across diverse categories has made Trendyol the go-to online retailer for Turkish consumers.

How Trendyol Sources its Products

Trendyol has over 45,000 sellers on its marketplace platform. This allows it to offer a vast range of products across categories. Sourcing is done in a few key ways:

  • Direct brand partnerships – Trendyol has partnerships with over 2000 domestic and international brands including Nike, Adidas, Mavi, LC Waikiki, Apple and more. Top brands showcase flagship stores on Trendyol.
  • Turkish suppliers and manufacturers – Local suppliers provide trendy Turkish fashion lines, jewelry, cosmetics, food items and more for Trendyol’s own retail operations.
  • Overseas imports – Global sourcing from China, India, the EU and elsewhere allows Trendyol to offer imported products at competitive rates.
  • Third-party sellers – Small businesses, artisans, independent brands and merchants supply products to the Trendyol marketplace. This long tail selection differentiates its offering.
  • Cross-border e-commerce – Trendyol enables Turkish consumers to buy products from top global websites like AliExpress and eBay through its platform.

Using a combination of direct sourcing, local supplies and third-party marketplace sellers gives Trendyol both breadth and depth of product selection.

Trendyol’s Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Trendyol utilizes diverse online and offline marketing efforts to attract and retain buyers:

  • Digital marketing – Search ads, social media ads, display ads, retargeting and partnerships with publishers drive a lot of organic and paid traffic.
  • Influencer marketing – YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and celebrities are signed up regularly for branded content and endorsements.
  • TV advertising – Mainstream television commercials and infomercials run frequently, especially during the holiday season.
  • Outdoor advertising – Billboards, kiosks and building wraps in major cities and transit hubs increase brand visibility.
  • Text/email campaigns – Regular promotional messages are sent to drive purchases and engagement.
  • Partnerships – Tie-ups with banks, telcos, airlines and other brands for promotions and cross-marketing.
  • Retail stores – Trendyol operates a few physical retail stores in malls to allow customers to browse curated products.
  • Referral rewards – Incentives for existing buyers to refer their friends and family to shop on Trendyol.
  • Loyalty programs – Points and tier-based loyalty schemes encourage repeat purchases and higher lifetime value.
  • Promotional campaigns – Holiday sales, flash sales, cashback offers, free shipping, contests etc. are run regularly.

Strong brand marketing has helped Trendyol become synonymous with online fashion and lifestyle shopping in Turkey. The company spends heavily on performance marketing and brand advertising every year.

Trendyol Express – One Hour Delivery Service

A huge component of Trendyol’s success has been its ultra-fast Trendyol Express delivery service. Launched in 2019, it promises 90 minute deliveries across Istanbul and 60 minute deliveries in central districts.

This super quick commerce offering has been enabled by:

  • Hyperlocal warehouses – Dozens of small delivery hubs stock fast-moving items in districts across Istanbul. Orders are fulfilled from the nearest hub.
  • Predictive algorithms – Advanced demand prediction allows smart pre-placement of inventory in local hubs based on purchase data.
  • Dedicated couriers – An army of delivery partners handle Trendyol Express orders only for maximum efficiency.
  • Efficient packaging – Orders are packed in lightweight pouches that make deliveries quicker than boxes.
  • Route optimization – Proprietary routing algorithms ensure shortest transit times based on live traffic data.
  • Real-time tracking – Customers can track the entire delivery process including courier location and ETA.

Trendyol Express has completely transformed e-commerce in Turkey by making speed a competitive advantage. It delights consumers in major cities with near instant gratification. The company is further expanding the scope and reach of this offering.

Trendyol’s Impact on the E-Commerce Industry

Trendyol has profoundly impacted online shopping behaviors and e-commerce in Turkey:

  • It has educated an entire generation about the convenience and benefits of buying online vs. offline retail.
  • With over 30 million active users, it has the sort of scale required for loyalty and repeat purchases.
  • The multi-category approach has made Trendyol a one-stop shopping destination. This drives higher average order values.
  • Ultra-fast shipping has reset customer delivery expectations. Competitors are now forced to catch up on speed.
  • Dynamic pricing ensures competitiveness vs. other online and offline sellers. This passes price benefits to consumers.
  • The marketplace model provides unique selection and gives small merchants national reach instantly.
  • Investment in logistics has strengthened last mile infrastructure benefiting the broader e-commerce ecosystem.
  • Innovation in services like one hour delivery has made Trendyol a benchmark for customer experience.

Trendyol’s remarkable success demonstrates how e-commerce platforms can thrive in emerging markets. It has transformed how Turkish consumers shop online in the span of a decade.

Future Outlook for Trendyol and E-Commerce in Turkey

Trendyol is expected to maintain its industry leadership position and growth momentum in the years to come. Here is what the future looks like:

  • The market has tremendous headroom still as e-commerce penetration in Turkey is only about 10% currently.
  • Mobile commerce adoption will surge as smartphones become more affordable. Trendyol’s apps stand to gain.
  • Same day delivery will become the norm nationwide as Trendyol expands its logistics infrastructure.
  • Increased digital payments adoption will allow more consumers to transact online.
  • International expansion into the Middle East and Eastern Europe can provide new growth channels.
  • The shift towards online grocery shopping will allow Trendyol to expand its fresh produce and FMCG offerings.
  • Live video streaming and personalized recommendations will enhance user engagement on the platform.
  • Voice commerce will emerge as a new interface as smart speakers gain traction in Turkish households.

Trendyol has an early mover advantage in a rapidly digitizing market. It is poised to hit 100 million buyers in the next 5-10 years. The opportunity to shape e-commerce in Turkey and beyond remains enormous.


In a span of just over a decade, Trendyol has become synonymous with online shopping for Turkish consumers. Its meteoric rise has been fueled by shrewd management, strategic investments, strong execution and rapid adaptation to new technologies.

Today, Trendyol is the undisputed leader in Turkish e-commerce. It has over 30 million loyal monthly users, the widest product selection, competitive pricing, ultra-fast delivery, and a continually improving customer experience.

Trendyol still has massive headroom for growth as internet and smartphone penetration increases across the country. Its ambition is to remain the top platform serving the needs of online shoppers in Turkey and expanding internationally in the years ahead.

The company’s inspiring journey serves as a model for e-commerce success in emerging markets. Trendyol has transformed how Turkish consumers browse, purchase and receive products. It has reshaped consumer expectations regarding selection, convenience and speed of delivery.

In an industry where most players fail to achieve profitability, Trendyol has built both an inspiring e-commerce business and a strong tech brand. It represents the exciting future of online retail not just in Turkey but globally.


What is Trendyol English?

Trendyol English is the English-language version of Trendyol, a leading e-commerce platform based in Turkey. It offers a wide range of products including fashion, beauty, electronics, and home goods.

How can I switch to Trendyol English?

To switch to Trendyol English, simply visit the Trendyol website and look for the language settings. You can typically find it at the top or bottom of the webpage. Select English from the language options provided.

Does Trendyol English offer international shipping?

Yes, Trendyol English does offer international shipping to select countries. You can check if your country is eligible for international shipping during the checkout process.

Are there any additional fees for using Trendyol English?

While browsing and shopping on Trendyol English is free, there may be additional fees such as shipping costs or customs duties depending on your location and the items you purchase.

How can I track my order on Trendyol English?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number via email or SMS. You can use this tracking number to monitor the status of your order on the Trendyol website or through the shipping carrier’s website.

What payment methods are accepted on Trendyol English?

Trendyol English accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Trendyol Wallet. The available payment options may vary depending on your location.

Can I return or exchange items purchased from Trendyol English?

Yes, Trendyol English has a return and exchange policy. You can initiate a return or exchange request within a certain timeframe after receiving your order. Be sure to check the specific return policy for the items you purchased.

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