Does Trendyol Ship to the USA?

Does Trendyol Ship to the USA? E-commerce has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. Online shopping provides convenience and a wide selection of products that may not be available locally. Trendyol, a leading Turkish e-commerce company, has become one of the most popular online shopping destinations in Turkey. With its massive product catalog and reliable delivery services, many customers wonder – does Trendyol ship to the USA?

Overview of Trendyol

Founded in 2010, Trendyol has grown to become the largest e-commerce platform in Turkey. The company carries over 300,000 products across categories like fashion, home goods, electronics, kids items, personal care, sporting goods, and more. Trendyol works with over 20,000 sellers, including prominent Turkish and international brands, to offer a robust selection of quality and authentic products.

Trendyol also operates its own fulfillment and delivery network to ensure quick and reliable shipping across Turkey. The company handles everything from warehousing and inventory management to last-mile delivery. It has invested heavily in logistics infrastructure and technology to optimize the shipping process and provide visibility throughout the fulfillment cycle. Trendyol offers delivery within 24 hours in major cities and 1-3 days across the rest of Turkey.

The platform is a hit among Turkish shoppers – it clocks over 300 million visits per month! Trendyol’s large product catalog, reliable fulfillment, and focus on customer satisfaction have made it the e-commerce leader within the country.

Does Trendyol Ship Internationally?

So, does Trendyol ship to customers outside of Turkey? Unfortunately, Trendyol currently does not ship internationally directly to customers. The company’s fulfillment operations and logistics networks are concentrated inside Turkey.

However, Trendyol does have a program called Trendyol Export that enables international sellers to sell products on Trendyol’s marketplace to customers in Turkey. International businesses can sign up, list their products, and rely on Trendyol’s domestic warehousing and shipping capabilities to deliver items once sold on the platform. Thousands of international brands and sellers use Trendyol Export to access the Turkish e-commerce market.

While Trendyol Export facilitates international sellers shipping into Turkey, Trendyol does not directly ship orders outside of Turkey and to other countries. The Trendyol website and app only accept shipping addresses within Turkey during checkout.

So Trendyol does not currently have the logistics capabilities to ship orders directly to the USA or other countries abroad. The company has focused on expanding within the Turkish market, which is already massive at over $100 billion in e-commerce sales. However, Trendyol may look to broaden its international shipping in the future as it continues to grow.

Using Package Forwarding Services

Despite Trendyol App not offering direct international delivery, some creative shoppers have found workarounds to place Trendyol orders and get them shipped to the USA.

The most popular method is to use a package forwarding or reshipping service. These services provide customers with a Turkish address that orders can be shipped to domestically. Once received at the Turkish address, the package forwarding service then ships orders onward internationally to the customer’s actual address, usually in the USA.

Some popular package forwarding services used to ship Trendyol orders include:

  • MyUS – An American company with a warehouse network in Turkey that provides package consolidation and international reshipping services. Customers can sign up for a Turkish address.
  • Forward2Me – A UK-based forwarder with an address in Istanbul. They pick up packages and reship worldwide.
  • Shop Turkey – A forwarding service catering specifically to Turkish retailers like Trendyol. Provides address service and discounted international shipping rates.
  • Airpaket – Turkish-based forwarders with a focus on e-commerce shipments. Offers address service and integrates with Turkish shopping apps.

Package forwarding services provide a viable workaround for international customers to place orders on Trendyol’s Turkish marketplace and get them delivered affordably to destinations like the USA.

The process usually works like this:

  1. Customer signs up with a package forwarder and gets a Turkish address
  2. Customer places order on Trendyol, using the Turkish address during checkout
  3. Trendyol ships the domestic order to the Turkish address
  4. The package forwarder receives the order, consolidates it, and then ships it on to the customer’s real address in the USA
  5. Customer receives the USA delivery within 5-7 days after the initial Trendyol shipment

This multi-step forwarding process makes it possible to order from Turkish e-commerce sites like Trendyol despite their limitation to domestic shipping. The total cost is usually reasonable – domestic Turkish shipping + international carrier fees + forwarder commission.

However, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Extra time required for forwarding process
  • Higher total shipping costs
  • Customs duties may apply depending on products
  • Returns and exchanges can be difficult

Overall, package forwarding opens up access to Trendyol for international shoppers, but does not provide the same seamless experience as direct shipping.

When Will Trendyol Offer International Shipping?

While Trendyol does not currently ship overseas, the company has expressed interest in expanding its logistics footprint beyond Turkey. The massive size of the Turkish e-commerce market has been the priority. However, as Trendyol continues to dominate domestically, the business will likely look to serve Turkish diaspora and international shoppers directly.

Trendyol’s CEO and founder Demet Mutlu has stated the company plans to begin testing cross-border sales and shipping solutions. The initiatives appear targeted at nearby markets like the Middle East and Eastern Europe first. In an interview with Retail Detail, Demet Mutlu said:

“We are currently only active in Turkey, but plan to expand Trendyol internationally in the near future. We want to grow through partnerships with local companies and roll out our concept in new countries step-by-step.”

Trendyol has begun hiring specialists in areas like customs brokerage and cross-border trade compliance, signalling imminent expansion into international markets. Reports indicate the company is exploring opening a European distribution center to enable exporting.

However, Trendyol has not provided a specific timeline for launching international shipping capabilities directly to customers worldwide. Developing reliable and affordable overseas fulfillment and returns processes at scale will take time. But the company’s public comments indicate international order delivery is a part of the long-term plan.

For now, Trendyol remains focused on growth within Turkey and neighboring regions. International customers can access the marketplace using package forwarding workarounds. But eventually, Trendyol may enable direct global delivery – including to the United States.

Shopping on Trendyol from the USA

For USA-based shoppers hoping to get their hands on unique Turkish finds and products, Trendyol provides an immense selection. Clothing and fashion items tailored to Turkish styles are popular purchases – things like colorful evil eye pendants and harem pants that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Many expats and people of Turkish heritage also use Trendyol to get a taste of home while abroad. If you do decide to place an order despite the lack of direct shipping, here are some tips:

  • Use a package forwarding service with a Turkish address to place the order.
  • Stick to light, compact items that won’t be too expensive to forward internationally. Heavy or bulky items add big reshipping costs.
  • Know that returns and exchanges will be difficult. Make sure to check sizing charts carefully.
  • Watch out for extra taxes and import duties that may be charged upon postal delivery.
  • Compare several forwarders to find the best solution for your purchase and location.
  • Be patient! End-to-end delivery will take 1-2 weeks via forwarding.

While Trendyol delivery direct from Turkey to the USA isn’t possible today, persistent shoppers can access this amazing Turkish marketplace by using a package forwarding service as an interim solution.

The Bottom Line

Trendyol has cemented itself as the top online retailer in Turkey, with over 300 million visits per month. However, Trendyol currently does not ship orders directly to the United States or other international destinations.

The company has focused on domestic Turkish logistics and has not yet expanded its shipping capabilities abroad. But Trendyol has hinted at plans to test cross-border commerce in the near future as the business grows.

For now, Americans who want to order items on Trendyol will need to use a package forwarding or reshipping service. This involves signing up for a Turkish address, sending orders there, and then paying for international reshipping onward to your location in the USA.

While doable, the forwarding process adds cost and complexity compared to direct international shipping. But for Turkish expats and committed shoppers, it may be worth it to gain access to Trendyol’s unmatched local selection. The availability of direct USA delivery remains to be seen as Trendyol continues its upward trajectory.

Trendyol’s position as the top e-commerce site in Turkey gives it a tremendous selection of unique local products. For expatriates and fans of Turkish culture, being able to order items directly from Trendyol would be a major benefit. While Trendyol currently does not ship overseas, here is an additional look at some of the cool finds shoppers worldwide are missing out on:

Turkish Fashion and Clothing

Fashion makes up a huge portion of Trendyol’s catalog. The site features tons of contemporary Turkish clothing brands and designers that offer modern takes on traditional looks.

Some clothing pieces you can find include:

  • Harem Pants – Billowy, slim-fitting pants tapering at the ankle. Often brightly colored or with bohemian prints. Can be dressed up or down.
  • Evil Eye Jewelry – Rings, necklaces, bracelets featuring the Nazar Boncuğu evil eye symbol meant to ward off bad luck. Often made of blue glass.
  • Pashawraps – Elegant, flowing long-sleeved wraps inspired by Ottoman fashion. Made from soft fabrics like chiffon or velvet.
  • Turkish Towels – Colorful, lightweight pestemal towels used in hamams (Turkish baths). Made from dense cotton perfect for wrapping up after a bath or swim.
  • Abayas – Loose, ornate full-length robes with embroidery. An everyday staple for many Turkish women.
  • Crochet Tops – Delicate crocheted and lace tops add feminine flair. Crochet is a specialty in Turkey.
  • Waistcoats/Cilek – Decorative short vests and waistcoats worn over shirts. Common in Anatolian wedding attire.
  • evil eye charms: Feature blue glass beads and are meant to ward off jealousy and ill intent according to Turkish superstition. Can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, or keychains.

With a huge variety of traditional and modern Turkish fashion, Trendyol makes it easy to create cultural outfits not found in mainstream US retailers.

Turkish Jewelry and Accessories

In addition to evil eye charms, Trendyol has an abundance of gold and silver jewelry drawing inspiration from classic Ottoman and Anatolian designs. Intricate filigree patterns and colorful stones are common.

Some examples include:

  • Tesbih prayer beads: Strung prayer bead necklaces with decorative pendants. Used to count recitations during prayer.
  • Yüzük rings: Wide flat silver rings etched with floral designs. Traditionally worn on the right-hand pinky finger.
  • Boncuk necklaces: Beaded necklaces made of glass, wood, or bone. Very old form of jewelry in Anatolia.
  • Kutnu fabric: Luxurious shiny silk-blend fabric used for scarves and shawls.
  • Handmade sandals: Leather sandals individually handcrafted by artisans using traditional techniques.
  • Gemstone teapots: Ceramic teapots decorated with turquoise and other colorful gemstones. Display pieces used in serving tea.
  • Ibrahim Halil ambers: Prized amber prayer beads and jewelry handcrafted in Turkey. Made from rare Baltic amber.

The variety of Turkish accessories and jewelry available on Trendyol provides ample options for completing cultural outfits and looks.

Turkish Home Decor

To help recreate the cozy feeling of a Turkish home abroad, Trendyol offers tons of home decor and textiles showcasing traditional designs. Some examples:

  • Kilim rugs: Flatwoven wool rugs with tribal motifs. Kilims are commonly hung on walls as decor.
  • Pottery: Ceramics include the iconic Turkish tea glass as well as vases, bowls, and plates featuring Middle Eastern motifs.
  • Lanterns: Ornate metal filigree lanterns using stained glass. Provide mood lighting indoors and outdoors.
  • Handwoven towels: Colorful thin towels woven on hand looms using Turkish cotton. Displayed or used in the kitchen.
  • Copper cookware: Hammered copper pots and pans impart both beauty and functionality.
  • Fonts/Fountains: Ceramic wall fountains provide soothing background sound. Replicates natural springs.

With these home goods, anyone can add Turkish flair to their living spaces no matter where they live.

Turkish Musical Instruments

Turkey has a rich musical tradition, and many handmade folk instruments can be found on Trendyol. Some examples:

  • Baglama saz: Pear-shaped stringed instrument and key piece of Turkish folk music. Resembles a lute or mandolin.
  • Zurna: Double-reed woodwind instrument played at weddings and festivals. Produces a high-pitched, buzzing sound.
  • Darbuka drums: Goblet-shaped hand drums with a deep bass sound. Used in belly dancing.
  • Buzuki: Long-necked string instrument central to Ottoman classical music. Resembles a long-necked lute.
  • Ney flute: End-blown reed flute regarded as one of the oldest flute designs still in use. Important instrument in Mevlevi Sufi music.
  • Kaval: End-blown shepherd’s flute crafted out of wood. Used in Turkish folk melodies.

For musicians wanting to add Turkish sounds or learn to play iconic instruments, Trendyol can ship a high-quality piece straight from artisans within the country.

Turkish Coffee and Tea

Turkey loves its hot beverages! Trendyol stocks many varieties of Turkish coffee and tea to help get the authentic experience at home. Some examples:

  • Turkish coffee: Finely ground coffee brewed in a cezve pot. Can be served plain or with cardamom. Beans are roasted medium-dark for strong flavor.
  • Apple tea: Fruity caffeine-free tea drink made by steeping tangy apple slices. Often served in winter.
  • Rize tea: Renowned Turkish black tea from the Rize region. Made from small leaf cultivars and praised for its amber color.
  • Çaydanlık tea pots: Double kettle with stacked sections used for making black tea. The top kettle is for boiling water while the bottom keeps brewed tea hot.
  • Lokum: Delicate Turkish delights flavored with rosewater, pistachio, berries, and more. Served with coffee or tea.
  • Porcelain cups: Elegant porcelain cups and saucers etched with floral patterns for serving tea.

Brewing Turkish coffee or tea is a daily ritual, and Trendyol has everything needed to recreate the experience abroad.

Turkish Snacks and Sweets

To satisfy cravings for Turkish flavors, Trendyol stocks plenty of packaged snacks and sweets. Some examples:

  • Lokum: The famous gel-based Turkish delights, often cut into small cubes and dusted in starch and sugar. Come in rose, pistachio, and other flavors.
  • Helva: Dense confections made from tahini or sesame seeds. Classic flavors like pistachio helva satisfy sweet tooths.
  • Dolma: Grape leaves stuffed with rice, pine nuts, and spices. Sold jarred and ready to enjoy.
  • Borek: Flaky phyllo pastries filled with cheese, meat, or vegetables. Fried or baked varieties.
  • Halva: Crumbly sesame-based confection, often studded with pistachios or cocoa nibs. Popular street food.
  • Salep: Hot drink made from orchid root flour and milk. Thick and creamy like hot chocolate. Topped with cinnamon.
  • Lokma: Fried yeast doughballs soaked in syrup. Like bite-sized donut holes!

These authentic Turkish snacks let you enjoy a taste of Turkey from anywhere. They also make great gifts.

High-Quality Skincare Products

Turkey has an extensive tradition of natural skincare remedies and products. Trendyol offers numerous skin and body care lines using botanical Turkish ingredients. Some examples:

  • Olive oil soaps: Cold-pressed castile soaps made purely from olive oil. Known for moisturizing properties and light scent.
  • Rosewater: Distilled rosewater has numerous uses, from a toner to perfume. Soothes and brightens skin.
  • Kese mitt: Traditional Turkish exfoliating mitt for use in hamams. Made from knitted cotton. Gently scrubs away dead skin.
  • Argan oil: Prized oil from the Argan tree, grown along Turkey’s Aegean coast. Used for hair and skin moisturizing.
  • Fig cream: Body creams and lotions scented with fig extract. Figs grown in Izmir are used in Turkish skincare.
  • Pomegranate soap: Soaps containing antioxidant and collagen-boosting pomegranate. Helps reduce signs of aging.
  • Mud masks: Mineral-rich mud masks from the salt lakes and thermal springs of Anatolia. Nourishes skin.

The natural skincare traditions of Turkey are captured in these quality products found on Trendyol.

Handmade Turkish Towels

A staple of Turkish homes and hamams are towels woven on old-fashioned hand looms. These “havlu” towels make popular souvenirs and gifts. Features include:

  • Made from Turkish cotton praised for extra-long fibers. Absorbs moisture while remaining lightweight.
  • Woven using traditional dobby looms. Designs like stripes are inserted during weaving.
  • Fringed edges create a decorative border. The fringe helps absorb water.
  • Vibrant colors like red, blue, and purple. May use natural dyes.
  • Peshtemal towels are larger wraps used in hamams. Soak up water after bathing.
  • Smaller towels can be used for dish drying, hair wraps, and display.
  • Super absorbent and quick drying due to hollow cotton fibers.

With bold colors and patterns like the Cinili stripe, Turkish towels add flair to any bathroom while providing high functionality.

Spices and Herbs

Turkish cuisine relies on a spice blend called baharat as well as common ingredients like mint, dill, and parsley. Trendyol can deliver hard-to-find seasonings to cook traditional dishes at home:

  • Sumac: A tangy, deep red spice made from crushed sumac berries. Used on kebabs and salads.
  • Urfa biber: Smoked chili flakes from the Urfa region. Provides bold heat with slight sweetness.
  • Pul biber: Milder red pepper flakes. Sprinkled on everything from eggs to roasted nuts.
  • Baharat: Blend includes cumin, black pepper, paprika, mint, and more.
  • Za’atar: Herby spice blend containing thyme, oregano, marjoram, sesame seeds. Popular dip for bread.
  • Mint: Dried mint is ubiquitous in Turkish cooking. Used in sauces, salads, ravioli filling.
  • Nigella seeds: Black onion seeds with slight bitterness. Toppings for bread and pastries.

With these aromatic herbs and spices on hand, anyone can elevate their cooking with true Turkish flavor profiles.

Unique Turkish Kitchen Tools

In addition to spices, Trendyol has traditional cooking tools to make preparing Turkish recipes more authentic:

  • Baklava pans: Specialty pans with multiple compartments designed specifically for making baklava pastries. Enable layered construction.
  • Sac arasi: Large convex metal plate that allows round pide breads to be baked against the walls of a tandir oven.
  • Copper kettle: Engraved copper kettles called cezve are used to properly brew Turkish coffee on the stovetop.
  • Lokum trays: For making proper Turkish delight candies, these trays have removable compartments that give each piece its cube shape.
  • Kebab skewers: Flat, wide metal skewers for making Adana kebabs. Ensure the ground meat kebab holds its oblong shape during grilling.
  • Cheesecloth: Traditionally used to wrap and form feta cheese during the brining process.
  • Hook knife: Curved knives used to score decorative patterns into bread before baking. Creates the distinctive swirled surface of simit rings.

With Trendyol, anyone around the world can access the authentic tools needed to make Turkish cuisine with the right techniques.

High-End Turkish Brands

In addition to small artisanal sellers, Trendyol features products from top international brands manufactured in Turkey:

  • Arçelik: Leading producer of home appliances and consumer electronics under brands like Beko and Grundig. Offers high-quality washing machines, refrigerators, vacuums, and more.
  • Koton: Fast-fashion retail chain with stylish, affordable women’s apparel. Hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores across Turkey along with e-commerce delivery.
  • Flo: Major manufacturer of rugs and carpets. Hand-made wool and cotton designs using traditional Turkish weaving practices.
  • Karaca: Specialized silver brand crafting tableware, jewelry, and home decor from premium sterling silver. Pieces often have ornate filigree.
  • Everest: Trusted maker of pen and pencil sets ranging from affordable to luxury. Items feature eye-catching Turkish patterns and design flourishes.
  • Desa: Top beef and lamb leather producer supplying major brands globally. Known for super soft, durable leather perfect for handbags and wallets.

These major Turkish companies provide quality and value across many product categories only found on Trendyol.

The massive variety of authentic Turkish products available on Trendyol provides ample options for customers worldwide looking to purchase a piece of Turkish culture. Despite not shipping overseas directly yet, persistent shoppers can access this inventory by using package forwarding services. We can hope that in the future, Trendyol opens up its platform through international delivery – giving everyone easy access to the very best of what Turkey offers.

Does Trendyol Ship to the USA


Does Trendyol ship worldwide?

No, Trendyol currently only ships domestically within Turkey. The company does not offer direct international shipping to customers worldwide at this time.

What countries does Trendyol ship to?

Trendyol only ships orders within the borders of Turkey. When you place an order, you must provide a Turkish shipping address. They do not ship to other countries directly.

How can I get Trendyol products if I live outside Turkey?

You can use a package forwarding or reshipping service. These provide you a Turkish address that orders can be shipped to domestically. Once received, they then forward your package on to your international address.

What are the best package forwarders for buying from Trendyol?

Some top package forwarders for Trendyol orders include MyUS, Forward2Me, Shop Turkey, and Airpaket. Each provides a Turkish address and handles international reshipping.

When will Trendyol offer direct worldwide shipping?

Trendyol has not announced a specific timeline for launching international shipping capabilities. The company is currently focused on domestic Turkish logistics. But Trendyol has hinted it may expand overseas in the future as it continues growing.

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