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Trendyol com With over 45 million monthly visitors, Trendyol is the largest ecommerce platform in Turkey. Originally launched in 2010, Trendyol has grown rapidly and become a vital part of the ecommerce landscape in Turkey and the surrounding region. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the history of Trendyol, its business model and operations, key statistics and future outlook.

A Brief History of Trendyol

Trendyol was founded in 2010 by Demet Mutlu as part of the Empesya Group, one of the largest fashion retail groups in Turkey. The initial idea was to build an online fashion destination focused specifically on serving the Turkish market.

In a short time, Trendyol expanded its catalogue from just fashion items to all types of products including electronics, home appliances, groceries, cosmetics and more. This pivot into a broader market category offering helped Trendyol vastly expand its reach and customer base.

One of the major milestones came in 2018 when Trendyol received a $200 million investment from Chinese giant Alibaba Group. This helped the company achieve an impressive $1 billion valuation. The Alibaba investment also allowed Trendyol to further develop its logistics and delivery operations to compete with other global ecommerce leaders.

The Trendyol Business Model

Unlike typical ecommerce websites that operate as direct retailers, Trendyol App employs a marketplace model. This means that Trendyol itself does not directly sell products. Instead, it offers an expansive platform for small businesses, merchants and brands to sell their products directly to consumers.

This marketplace model offers lower overhead costs and the ability to rapidly onboard new sellers to expand the product catalogue. For sellers, Trendyol offers an easy sales channel to reach millions of shoppers without large marketing or website development costs.

Trendyol itself generates profits by charging sellers commissions on sales as well as offering advertising spots, premium storefront upgrades and logistics services. This allows the company to expand its revenue streams while continuing to maintain low operating costs.

Key Trendyol Statistics

As the leading online retailer in Turkey, Trendyol has posted staggering growth metrics since its founding:

  • Over 45 million monthly visitors
  • Over 30 million total app installs
  • 5 million daily visitors on average
  • Over 9 million products listed on the platform from 30,000 sellers
  • 570 million visits in 2020 alone

Beyond ecommerce, Trendyol is also now the 7th most visited website in Turkey. This puts its popularity on par with global heavyweights like YouTube, Facebook and Wikipedia.

With continued economic growth projected for Turkey and surrounding emerging markets, these already impressive metrics are expected to climb even higher in the coming years.

Trendyol’s Operations and Offerings

Trendyol’s marketplace model relies on building a robust catalogue of affordable products across all categories demanded by modern consumers. To achieve this, Trendyol has expanded its operations to appeal to both small and large sellers.

For small sellers and boutiques, Trendyol offers:

  • Easy onboarding to list products in just a few clicks
  • Free standard storefront profiles
  • Competitive commission fees starting at just 8%
  • Marketing and visibility in Trendyol’s catalogue and promotions

For large brands and outlets, Trendyol provides:

  • Dedicated support teams for onboarding and optimization
  • Custom branded storefronts on
  • M2B management allowing bulk product uploads
  • Analytical insights into inventory and sales
  • Lower commissions for high-volume sellers

Beyond its robust seller platform and partnerships, Trendyol also operates its own private labels and product sourcing channels. This includes everything from electronics and housewares to generic convenience items. Expanding its private label assortment allows Trendyol to ensure affordability, compete with outside retailers and boost profit margins.

Powering all of this is Trendyol’s operations network including:

  • Warehouses and logistics infrastructure for swift nationwide delivery
  • Delivery partners like Yurtiçi Kargo providing same and next day shipping
  • Secure payment gateways supporting all common local payment methods
  • State-of-the-art IT architecture to support order volumes with 99.9% uptime

Continual investment and development in these operational capabilities helps differentiate Trendyol from smaller competitors or international retailers attempting to penetrate the Turkish market.

Future Outlook for Trendyol

As Trendyol celebrates over a decade of business growth in Turkey, many are eager to see what the next 10 years may bring for this homegrown ecommerce leader.

Industry analysts predict sustained rapid growth in the years ahead fuelled by:

  • Expanding internet, smartphone and digital payment penetration in Turkey
  • Economic expansion of emerging markets surrounding Turkey
  • Increasing consumer comfort with online shopping post-pandemic
  • New marketplace seller and brand partnerships
  • Development of proprietary delivery and logistics networks
  • Continued innovation in business and technology operations

International expansion also remains an opportunity for Trendyol to continue its growth trajectory. Currently the company operates primarily to serve the domestic Turkish market. However, in the future, Trendyol may look to allow sellers from nearby regions to list products or build localized versions of its platform for other promising emerging ecommerce markets.

Of course, potential challenges exist as well. These include new domestic or global competitors entering Turkey, shifts in consumer preferences balancing quality and pricing, new government policies or regulations, and potential economic shifts impacting disposable income. However, given the world-class team and backers behind Trendyol, it is positioned well to adapt and overcome these external pressures.

The next decade promises to be an exciting ride as Trendyol cements its position as the #1 online retailer in the promising Turkish ecommerce landscape. With continued innovation and investment, Trendyol aims to achieve 100 million visitors in the coming years. This will open the door to unprecedented access and profits selling to Turkish and international shoppers eager for quality, affordable goods.

Exploring Trendyol’s Wide Ranging Product Catalogue

A key pillar of Trendyol’s success is the staggering width and depth of its product catalogue spanning all categories demanded by modern consumers. With over 9 million total listings, shoppers can find nearly anything they need with free shipping and returns across most items.

Some of the most popular Trendyol product categories include:

Women’s & Men’s Fashion

As Trendyol’s origins are in online fashion retail, it’s no surprise that clothing and apparel remains a strong product focus. Shoppers can browse:

  • Women’s clothing – dresses, tops, bottoms, underwear, swimwear, accessories
  • Men’s clothing – casual & formal shirts, pants, undergarments, outerwear
  • Shoes – heels, sneakers, boots, slippers, specialty shoes
  • Bags – handbags, backpacks, briefcases, travel bags
  • Jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches
  • Accessories – hats, belts, wallets, hair accessories

The assortment runs the gamut from major national brands to locally designed boutique apparel. Trendyol also operates private label fashion lines exclusive to the marketplace.

Beauty, Health and Wellness

Self-care is a major spending category and driver of repeat business. Trendyol shoppers flock to the platform to stock up on:

  • Makeup – foundations, lipstick, eyewear, palettes, tools
  • Skincare – cleansers, moisturizers, masks, anti-aging creams
  • Hair care – shampoos, conditioners, styling products
  • Fragrances – perfumes, colognes, body splashes
  • Vitamins & supplements
  • Bath and body – soaps, scrub, bath bombs, essential oils
  • Oral care – specialty toothpastes, whitening kits, floss, mouthwash
  • Shaving needs
  • Baby care
  • Pet food & care
  • And more wellness products!

Rising incomes and greater consumer savviness is driving demand for premium health and beauty products. Trendyol meets this with an unmatched range of specialty items difficult to find in local shops.

Home & Kitchen Wares

Everyone needs quality appliances, furnishings and housewares for daily living. Trendyol offers everything required to maintain and beautify homes:

  • Cookware – pots, pans, baking sheets, utensils
  • Small kitchen appliances – coffee makers, blenders, rice cookers
  • Large appliances – refrigerators, ovens, dishwasher, vacuums
  • Home furnishings – furniture, rugs, curtains, storage
  • Home decor – frames, vases, sculptures, lighting
  • Bed & bath – sheets, pillows, towels, robes
  • Home improvement – tools, hardware, home security
  • Garden – outdoor furniture, planters, grill

Reliable household products represent high repeat sales potential once shoppers have found brands they love.


Consumer electronics represent over 20% of Trendyol’s total sales. Given rising device usage across Turkey, this category will continue expanding at above average rates.

Best selling electronics include:

  • Smartphones – iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, Xiaomi, Oppo and major brands
  • Laptops – MacBooks, Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Dell
  • Tablets – iPads, Kindle Fire, Samsung Tabs, Lenovo
  • Gaming – PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles and games
  • PC accessories – keyboards, monitors, webcams, mouses
  • Smart home tech – Amazon Echo, Google Home assistants
  • Wearables – smart watches, fitness trackers from Apple Watch to Xiaomi
  • TVs – LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips

Alongside globally popular tech brands, Trendyol allows local merchants and distributors to list electronics maintaining affordability for cost-conscious shoppers.

Toys & Child Products

Young families represent a significant user demographic on Trendyol seeking trusted supplies for children including:

  • Infant clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Strollers, carriers, playground sets, beds
  • Dietary products – formula, baby food, feeding sets
  • Diapers, skin care, bathing, safety
  • Toys – puzzles, stuffed animals, coloring books
  • STEM building toys and robotic kits
  • Sports equipment and outdoor play

As the youth population continues growing in Turkey , young families will drive increasing toy and child product purchases through Trendyol for convenience and competitive pricing.

Sports Equipment & Outdoor Gear

Sports and outdoor activities remain immensely popular across the country spanning all ages and skill levels. Trendyol offers hobbyists and athletes items catering to:

  • Team sports – soccer, basketball, volleyball gear
  • Fitness fanatics – equipment, trackers, clothing, shoes
  • Water sports – swimming, diving, boating accessories
  • Camping & hiking – tents, packs, lighting, navigation
  • Hunting & fishing gear
  • Cycling products – bikes, helmets, monitors
  • Snow sports in eastern regions
  • And more niche sports!

While COVID impacted sporting events and gyms, participation is rebounding quickly driven by rising health awareness – a long term tailwind for sports shopping.

Grocery Essentials

While not yet a massively popular vertical, grocery and household essentials show intriguing potential as a future high-frequency category. Currently shoppers can browse goods like:

  • Packaged dry goods – grains, pasta, flour, meals
  • Dairy – milk, eggs, cheese, butter
  • Beverages – tea, coffee, sodas, water, beer & wine
  • Frozen foods
  • Snack foods
  • Candy & sweets
  • Spices, oils and common ingredients

While selection today is limited, continued urbanization makes grocery delivery attractive in congested cities like Istanbul and Ankara. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods and expansion of Amazon Fresh also provides a blueprint for Trendyol to pursue.

Special Selections

Beyond conventional retail categories, Trendyol also offers some unique products and purchasing channels:

Trendyol Private Labels – These proprietary product lines allow Trendyol to offer affordable generics, increase margins and better compete with outside retailers. Current private label range across apparel, footwear, small appliances, paper goods and more.

Local Artisan Goods – To support small businesses and cater to rising demand for specialty offerings, Trendyol spotlights local artisans selling unique handicrafts, gourmet foods, custom jewelry and more. This provides a sales outlet supporting traditional crafts.

Factory Outlets – By partnering directly with manufacturers, Trendyol facilitates direct-from-factory pricing on apparel, electronics, toys and other overstock goods that may have small defects or be last season’s designs. This allows large sellers to liquidate inventories outside conventional retail channels.

User Marketplace – Similar to eBay or Craigslist, Trendyol allows local buyers and sellers to transact secondhand goods. This facilitates recycling unused items from electronics to clothing while earning users added income.

bulk/wholesale Purchasing – Restaurants, retailers, offices and other B2B buyers can purchase bulk quantities of supplies through Trendyol rivaling Costco in the United States. Items span business basics like paper products, cleaning supplies, snacks, beverages and more.

This diversity of retail selection combined with niche offerings provides a very robust catalogue tailored competitively against both specialty e-tailers and diversified marketplaces.

Evaluating Trendyol’s Cutting Edge Technology

While shoppers may first notice the endless product selection, Trendyol’s technical infrastructure and capabilities provide the foundation for customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Website & App Capabilities

Trendyol prioritizes customer experience translating to best-in-class site design and functionality:

  • Intuitive navigation – easy category access via desktop and mobile
  • Robust search – quickly find products by keywords, brands, price and other filters
  • Smooth account creation – sign up and save payment credentials in minutes
  • Personalization – Receive suggested products catered specifically to your interests
  • Order tracking – Get live updates as your purchase is processed and shipped
  • Wish lists – Save desired items to buy later or share with friends & family
  • Reviews – Read feedback and ask questions before purchasing

Complementing the responsive website, Trendyol’s mobile app has exceeded 30 million total installs. Shoppers enjoy enhanced convenience to browse, purchase, track orders and more via iPhone and Android apps.

Payments & Security

As an ecommerce pioneer in Turkey, Trendyol has earned high marks for payments reliability and security:

  • All major payment methods – credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets and cash on delivery
  • Bank partnerships – work directly with all major Turkish financial institutions
  • Labels – Turquality labeling provides further credibility to shoppers by highlighting Turkish brands
  • Guarantees – 15 day easy returns and dedicated customer service contact
  • SSL connections – encrypt all connections to safeguard personal data
  • AI monitoring – proactively identify fraudulent account creation or purchases
  • Review auditing – ensure authentic shopper feedback without manipulation

Thanks to continual security innovation and partnerships, over 85% of Trendyol shoppers report high trust in platform integrity and purchase safety.

Fulfillment and Delivery

Earning customer loyalty and avoiding ecommerce cart abandonment would not be possible without Trendyol’s constantly evolving fulfillment operations including:

  • 38 warehouses providing national inventory coverage
  • Proprietary forecasting algorithms predict demand to optimize stock levels
  • Automation – utilize state-of-the-art sortation, scanning and handling
  • Shipping partnerships – deeply integrated with national couriers like Yurtiçi Kargo
  • Innovative delivery – trialing drones, robot couriers and electric vehicles
  • Loyalty programs – free shipping thresholds and membership perks
  • Pick-up points – order online and pick up items from convenient locations
  • 7 day support – dedicated customer service for questions or issues

By analyzing platform data and understanding customer pain points, Trendyol continues finding new ways to enhance delivery speed and dependability cementing loyalty.

Business Intelligence

Data powers all strategic decisions at technology leaders like Trendyol. Some examples of how insights are created and leveraged include:

  • Millions of daily data points – store anonymized behavioral, transactional and operational analytics in a data lake environment. Apply big data processing to reveal trends.
  • Campaign performance – connect marketing costs to sales volumes, customer acquisitions and more to optimize budgets
  • Recommendation engines – use machine learning to suggest relevant products aligned to shopper histories and interests
  • Inventory management – data-driven automation of restocking levels accounting for waste, demand shifts and lead times
  • Partner portals – provide sellers with dashboards highlighting sales volumes, rankings, reviews and more to empower business operations
  • Anti-fraud – data science helps pinpoint fake accounts and suspicious behaviors
  • New initiatives – robust data enables testing innovative ideas quickly to determine viability

Thanks continuous experimentation, Trendyol leverages hard data, not guesses, to upgrade experiences and maximize success.

Ongoing Tech Innovation

Complacency spells doom in rapidly changing ecommerce. Recognizing this reality, Demet Mutlu continues aggressive hiring of world-class engineering talent from the likes of Silicon Valley giants. Outposts exist in San Francisco, London, Germany, Ukraine and beyond to tap global tech capabilities.

Some active areas of innovation include:

  • Fintech solutions for affordability including BNPL installment purchasing, microloans and virtual credit lines
  • Computer vision and augmented reality to enhance product visualization and fit
  • Supply chain development via IoT, geofencing, forecasts and more
  • New social integrations like shoppable livestreams during seasonal sales
  • International site development and language expansion
  • Voice assistant integrations accepting purchases through smart speakers

Above all, the ability to fail fast, pivot quickly and double down on proven ideas provides Trendyol with extreme business agility. With tech built into its DNA, this Turkish startup has fundamentally grasped lessons from global ecommerce trailblazers.

Trendyol’s Marketing Strategy and Brand Building

Complementing its operational excellence, Trendyol ascended through smart marketing and brand building calibrated by advanced analytics.

Paid Advertising

Early on, Trendyol invested heavily in search, social and display advertising to attract shoppers and acquire both traffic and customers. Google and Meta platforms have been particularly profitable channels thanks to granular targeting options. Campaign iteration using robust analytics continuously improves conversion performance across channels.

Influencer Marketing

Spotting social media’s rise, Trendyol established an industry-leading affiliate and influencer program. Thousands of popular content creators actively promote Trendyol products through customized links and creative videos or photos. Micro and macro influencers expand awareness especially among younger demographics. Competitive commission structures and ease of tracking conversions fuels ongoing participation.

Video Marketing

Trendyol operates popular YouTube channel and TikTok accounts producing entertaining and educational content around products, styling, contests hauls and more. Videos integration helps buyers visualize items while building emotional connections and aspirational positioning. Hundreds of unique clips are created monthly fuelling millions of views and amplification into feed algorithms.


Sophisticated pixels implemented across site and apps enable aggressive retargeting to reconnect with users who previously browsed Trendyol. Sequential messaging reignites interest and offers incentives to complete purchase journeys abandoned earlier. With over 85% of shoppers leaving prior to buying, retargeting represents a major sales recovery channel.

Email Marketing

Email gathering occurs at many customer touchpoints enabling ongoing promotion of daily deals, targeted offers, seasonal campaigns, order updates and more. Advanced segmentation and dynamic content keeps messaging relevant combatting list fatigue. Automated triggers customize flows based on recent browsing, cart status and order history.


As one of Turkey’s most visited sites, Trendyol places heavy emphasis on search engine optimization. Initiatives span technical site enhancements, blogging, backlinks building, listings management and constant tuning driven by search analytics. Dominating relevant product and brand queries assists with navigating Google’s competitive local algorithms.


Co-marketing with major payment providers, smartphone brands, telecoms and financial groups expands Trendyol’s reach into additional marketing channels often with pre-qualified, high-intent users. contest and gamification drives participation while data sharing provides mutual value.

Thanks to its diverse digital marketing toolkit, Trendyol cost-effectively connects with Turkish consumers across platforms and lifecycle stages cementing loyalty.

Analyzing Trendyol’s Competitive Landscape

Despite its commanding market lead domestically, Trendyol cannot ignore accelerated competition from both within Turkey and abroad. Its strategic decisions are shaped by gaps where challengers fall short today coupled with anticipated threats.

Domestic Competitors

While smaller players exist across all verticals, the fellow Turkish unicorn Hepsiburada poses the fiercest local competition having achieved its own billion dollar valuation:

  • Over 30 million monthly visitors – Half of Trendyol’s traffic but rapidly expanding
  • Originally only B2C e-tailer but now expanding 3P marketplace
  • Operates popular affiliate and influencer programs
  • Developing proprietary logistics and delivery outside major cities
  • Focused iOS and Android apps to enhance mobile conversions
  • Attracted Goldman Sachs, Mubadala and other prominent investors

This domestic matchup has manifested in aggressive marketing campaigns between the pair as they race to expand category breadth, geographic access, purchase frequency and customer wallet share.

Niche players like N11, GittiGidiyor (eBay) and Sahibinden also compete for subsets of ecommerce like auctions and secondhand exchange. However, none have achieved true multipurpose marketplace positioning.

International Players

While global giants like Amazon and AliExpress originally ignored Turkey, recent years brought heavier investment recognizing region’s potential.

Amazon finally launched a dedicated Turkish store in 2018 unlocking faster delivery and acceptance of local payment methods – a major barrier historically. Limited selection and higher pricing on global shipments still constrain Amazon, but continued localization may boost competitiveness.

AliExpress sells billions in goods imported from China into Turkey by working with unofficial resellers and exporters. This helps Turkish consumers access ultra-affordable products often sacrificing shipment reliability and speed.

Newer services like Wish and Joom also connect Chinese merchants with Turkish buyers. However, lack of local presence makes building trust and repeat purchases difficult.

For now, international giants are largely complementary accessing more budget-conscious shoppers. However, sustained investment could make them more imposing players.

Future Outlook

Given Trendyol’s established scale and brand equity in Turkey, no competitor currently constitutes an existential threat. However, continued growth depends on preempting rising competition through tireless innovation and genuine customer obsession.

Areas of investment may include:

  • Enhanced last mile delivery and proprietary logistics
  • International expansion into similar emerging markets
  • Fintech solutions providing affordability
  • Private label brand building
  • Next generation discovery like shoppable live video
  • Voice commerce and smart home retail integrations

By leadings rather than following ecommerce innovation trends, Trendyol can defend its pole position in Turkey for the next decade and pave expansion abroad.

Trendyol Sets the Pace for Modern Retail in Turkey

Since humble beginnings just over a decade ago, Trendyol rapidly rose to prominence as Turkey’s foremost online retailer thanks to strategic vision matched by flawless execution.

By adopting an ambitious marketplace model, forming win-win relationships with sellers of all sizes, mastering cutting edge technology, building trusted operations, and providing unmatched selection, Trendyol has permanently raised consumer expectations around convenience, affordability and reliability.

Trendyol enters its second decade cementing its reputation for industry leadership in Turkey and surrounding.

Trendyol com


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