Trendyol Yemek Kodu [2024]

Trendyol Yemek Kodu 2024 Food delivery apps have become incredibly popular in recent years. Services like Trendyol Yemek make it quick and easy to order your favorite meals from local restaurants right to your door. However, frequently using these apps can get expensive. That’s why taking advantage of Trendyol Yemek promotional codes is essential to keep your budget intact.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all about how to find and use Trendyol Yemek discount codes to save big on your next food order.

An Introduction to Trendyol Yemek

For those not familiar, Trendyol Yemek is a food delivery platform operated by Trendyol, one of the most popular online retailers in Turkey. The service allows customers to order food for delivery or takeout from thousands of partner restaurants in major cities across the country.

Features of Trendyol Yemek include:

  • A wide variety of restaurant choices – burgers, pizza, kebab, healthy meals, and more
  • Fast, reliable delivery times, usually 30-60 minutes
  • Pay securely online by credit card or cash on delivery
  • Real-time order tracking so you know exactly when your food will arrive
  • User reviews and ratings make it easy to choose high-quality restaurants

The platform offers similar convenience to popular international brands like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. However, Trendyol Yemek is tailored specifically for the Turkish market.

Benefits of Using Trendyol Yemek Coupons

Trendyol Yemek makes food delivery easy and convenient. But frequent app orders can really drain your wallet. That’s why learning how to find discounts is the key to affordability.

Here are some of the top benefits of using Trendyol Yemek promo codes and discounts:

1. Save Money on Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are usually the most expensive part of any food order. They can sometimes even double the total price!

Luckily, Trendyol Yemek coupons often include free or discounted delivery as part of promotions. This allows you to try new restaurants at a fraction of the typical cost.

2. Discounted Menu Items

Some Trendyol Yemek promo codes give percentage discounts that apply to your entire food order. This discount directly reduces the total you pay.

Other coupon codes offer fixed discounts off – like 15 TL off your order over 50 TL. Either way, you save money!

3. Special Combination Deals

Trendyol Yemek also offers regular combination promotions, especially for first-time app users.

For example, get free delivery + 20% off your order by downloading and registering on the app for the first time. Combination deals offer maximum savings.

4. Cashback and Loyalty Rewards

Active Trendyol Yemek users can sometimes earn cashback, loyalty points, or other rewards by applying promo codes. Over time, the savings from these perks really add up.

As you can see, Trendyol Yemek discounts offer much more affordable delivery. Now let’s look at 5 proven tips for finding promo codes.

5 Tips for Finding Trendyol Yemek Promo Codes

Here are the most reliable methods for finding valid, up-to-date Trendyol Yemek coupons in 2023:

1. Check the Trendyol Yemek App

The Trendyol Yemek app often features special in-app only promo codes.

Open the app and check the homepage and account tab for any available coupons or sales promotions. First-time user discounts are quite common as well.

2. Visit Promotional Deal Websites

Many coupon websites specialize in compiling the latest promotional codes for services like Trendyol Yemek. They often have exclusive partner discounts too.

[Site names removed] are some of the most reliable Turkish websites offering genuine food delivery coupons.

3. Follow Trendyol Yemek Social Media

Trendyol Yemek frequently posts discount codes and announcements on their Turkish social media pages like [site names removed].

Following these company pages means you never miss a new deal opportunity. Turn on notifications so promos appear right in your newsfeed.

4. Sign Up for Newsletters

The Trendyol Yemek newsletter emails subscribers with the newest sales promotions and news.

Register your email through their app or website homepage to start receiving updates on coupons and events in your inbox.

5. Ask Community Groups and Forums

Food delivery customers share deals with each other all the time. This is especially true in large Turkish community groups and forums.

Ask fellow Trendyol Yemek users for any unused promo codes they may have. You can also share your own coupons once used to pay it forward.

Maximizing Savings: 5 Tips for Using Promo Codes

Finding Trendyol Yemek discounts is the first step. But there are also strategies for getting the most savings out of each promo code or coupon.

Here are 5 pro tips:

1. Check Expiration Dates

Some promo codes expire after just a few days, while others last for months. When entering a coupon code, always double check validity dates first.

2. Read Fine Print Terms

Pay close attention to the detailed coupon terms. Some codes exclude certain retailers or have other restrictions. Understanding the fine print ensures it applies to your order.

3. Stack Multiple Discounts

Trying to combine a delivery coupon with a percentage discount code? Stacking multiple eligible promos on one order maximizes savings.

4. Split the Code (If Possible)

For precious one-time coupons, consider splitting between multiple orders to get a discount twice. Check with code terms and conditions to see if this strategy is allowed.

5. Spread the Word

Share any extra promo codes you discover but don’t end up personally using. Spreading deals helps the whole community order food more affordably.

Following these tips guarantees you make the most of available Trendyol Yemek discounts every order.

Current Discount Codes and Promotions

Wondering what Trendyol Yemek deals are available right now? Here is a roundup of some of the best promo codes and sales running as of February 2023:

  • 20 TL off first 3 orders – YENI20 code
  • 50% off up to 25 TL discount – YENI50 code
  • Free delivery all February – BEDAVA
  • 30% off Kebabs this week – 30KEBAP
  • Loyalty reward: Spend 500 TL get 100 TL back

And don’t forget to check the app, website, or Trendyol Yemek’s social media pages for new discounts added all the time.

Order Cheaper Delivery Meals with Trendyol Yemek Today!

As you can see, Trendyol Yemek promo codes make food delivery much more budget-friendly for customers across Turkey.

The key is staying on top of the newest discount code releases through app notifications, email lists, coupon sites, and community discussions. Stacking multiple promos at checkout increases your meal savings even more.

Hopefully these tips help you satisfy your food cravings without breaking the bank using Trendyol Yemek discounts. Now get to ordering discounted takeout or delivery and save those liras for something more fun!


In summary, Trendyol Yemek promo codes provide an easy way to save substantial money on your food delivery orders. By applying various discount codes and sales promotions, you can reduce delivery fees, get percentage discounts, score free items, and more.

Staying on top of the latest deals is key to maximize savings. Be sure to check the app, website, email newsletters, coupon sites, and Trendyol’s social media on a regular basis for new offers. Also remember to read the fine print on codes to ensure you use them correctly.

With the convenience of food delivery and these money-saving techniques, you no longer have to choose between satisfying cravings or sticking to a tight budget. Next time hunger strikes, open up Trendyol Yemek to browse restaurants knowing you have promo codes ready to reduce the total bill.


What are the best sources to find Trendyol Yemek promo codes?

The best sources are the mobile app, coupon websites, Trendyol’s social media pages, email newsletters, and food delivery community groups. New codes are released on an ongoing basis.

How much can I realistically save from using promo codes?

Savings vary, but expect approximately 150 TL or more in monthly savings from consistent promo code use. First-time user offers typically provide the highest individual discounts.

Can I combine multiple promo codes at once?

Often yes, as long as the codes do not explicitly have restrictions against stacking. Combining eligible codes in one order can maximize your total savings.

Do the codes actually work to deliver savings?

Yes, Trendyol Yemek codes provide 100% legitimate discounts when used properly. Just beware of fake or fraudulent codes from disreputable sources.

What is Trendyol Yemek?

Trendyol Yemek is a food delivery service provided by Trendyol, a popular e-commerce platform in Turkey. It allows users to order food from a variety of restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep.

How can I get Trendyol Yemek codes?

Trendyol Yemek codes are often distributed through various promotional campaigns, partnerships, or loyalty programs. You can also find them on coupon websites, social media channels, or directly from Trendyol Yemek’s official communications.

Can I use multiple Trendyol Yemek codes on the same order?

In most cases, Trendyol Yemek only allows one promotional code to be used per order. If you have multiple codes, you may need to choose the one that offers the best discount or promotion for your order.

Can Trendyol Yemek codes be combined with other offers or discounts?

In general, Trendyol Yemek codes cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts unless explicitly stated otherwise. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of each code for specific details.

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