m.trendyol.com [2024]

m.trendyol.com 2024 This detailed guide will provide an overview of the m.trendyol.com platform, exploring the product range, user account features, payment and delivery options, return policies and other key aspects to help shoppers understand the Trendyol mobile shopping experience better.

So let’s get started!

Overview of m.trendyol.com

Some quick facts about the Trendyol mobile website:

  • Seamless browsing experience across mobiles and tablets
  • Showcases complete Trendyol inventory spanning 1000+ categories
  • Website automatically scales as per device screen size
  • Lets users easily register, login or shop as guests
  • Offers mobile optimized filtering, search and checkout flows
  • Supports app-like push notifications even for non-app users

The mobile site delivers almost similar flexibility as Trendyol shopping app to discover great deals, track orders or access account dashboard on-the-go. For users who don’t want to install additional apps, m.trendyol.com serves as a handy alternative.

Now, let’s explore the key features and offerings of m.trendyol.com in detail:

Browsing Products and Deals on m.trendyol.com

The responsive m.trendyol.com website makes browsing through 15+ million live listings across 30+ categories seamless through thoughtful UI design adaptations specific to smaller handheld screens.

Some of the notable optimisations include:

Adjustable Filter Sidebar
The filters pane on left side allows drilling down search results by category attributes like size, color, brand etc. It can be collapsed when not needed to maximize product display area.

Touch Optimized Design
All navigation elements like menus, icons, action buttons etc are reimagined for optimized tap-based usage, eliminating need to zoom constantly.

Personalized Sorting
Choose listing order based on personalized relevance driven by purchase history and search patterns instead of just typical popularity sorting. This allows discovering more matching items easily.

Simpler Checkout
Only essential fields at each step to minimize data entry using tiny mobile keyboard. Address autofill from user profile for faster completions.

Let’s explore the some of the main ways shoppers can find their desired products on m.trendyol.com website:

1. Category Browsing

  • Navigate Categories menu on m.trendyol.com
  • Refine further by gender, sub-categories
  • Apply additional filters like brands, color etc from left sidebar
  • Touch listing to open quick view popup or navigate to product page

2. Search Bar

  • Tap search bar on top
  • Type relevant keywords like “red dress”
  • Results page displays matching listings
  • Use filters on left to drill down

3. Personalized Recommendations

  • For logged in users, homepage shows curated items based on past purchases and browsing history
  • Carousels display deals matching user’s taste across products viewed or bought
  • Anonymous visitors get trending product suggestions

4. Campaigns and Discovery Pages

  • m.trendyol.com homepage highlights top deals via categories
  • Festival mega menus help explore campaign selection
  • Flash deal timers builds urgency for discounted products

Leveraging these browsing flows simplifies surfacing products matching buyer needs from Trendyol’s exhaustive inventory spanning thousands of merchants.

Managing User Account on m.trendyol.com

Registered users get exclusive perks on m.trendyol.com such as faster checkouts, order tracking, customized deals etc. Managing accounts is easy via mobile site through following key features:

1. Registering New Account

  • Navigate to m.trendyol.com
  • Click Sign In button on top
  • Choose Register tab
  • Enter email ID and password
  • Provide additional details like name, birthdate, phone number
  • Click Register button

2. Logging In to Existing Account

  • Open m.trendyol.com website
  • Tap Sign In button on top
  • Enter registered email as username
  • Input designated password
  • Click on Login button
  • Landing page post login shows customized deals

3. Resetting Password

  • Visit m.trendyol.com
  • Tap Forgot Password link in login popup
  • Input registered account email ID
  • Click Send Activation Code button
  • Input verification code received
  • Enter new password
  • Click Change button to reset credential

4. Managing Addresses

  • Log in to user account
  • Visit Addresses section under My Account
  • View saved addresses used during past purchases
  • Add New Address by providing location details
  • Edit or delete existing entries

Easy account management workflows allow users to access personalized perks within few taps using m.trendyol.com platform conveniently.

Trendyol Payment and Delivery Options

m.trendyol.com website supports diverse order fulfillment modes catering to customer preferences and location dynamics spanning cash, card, carrier payments and channel delivery:

Payment Methods

1. Card Payments

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • + Local Turkish Bank Cards

2. Digital Wallets

  • PayPal
  • Trendyol Pay

3. Cash Payments

  • Credit Card + Cash
  • Full Cash on Delivery

Delivery Channels

  • In-store Pick up
  • Home Delivery
  • Office Delivery


  • Aras Kargo
  • DHL
  • MNG Kargo
  • PTT Kargo
  • UPS
  • Yurtiçi Kargo

Diverse fulfillment combinations allow buyers to select options best aligned as per unique preferences, proximity access and urgency timelines. Tracking updates available under My Account section post order placement.

Trendyol Return, Exchange and Cancellation Policy

m.trendyol.com website allows initiating returns or cancellations for delivered orders within defined policy terms across categories:

Clothing/Shoes/Bags Return Policy

Return Window

  • 7 days from delivery

Qualifying Reasons

  • Wrong item delivered
  • Significant size, fitting or quality issues
  • Damaged or defective piece received

Ineligible Conditions

  • Worn or used products
  • Missing labels, tags, seals or boxes
  • Customized or perishable goods

Refund Modes

  • Store credit for future buys
  • Refund to original payment source

Electronics Return Policy

Return Window

  • 7 days post delivery

Qualifying Reasons

  • Wrong product received
  • Item heavily damaged or defective
  • Missing mandatory accessories

Ineligible Conditions

  • Human damage after use
  • Broken seals or missing boxes
  • Activated software products

Refund Modes

  • Full payments revert to user account or original payment medium minus deductions as applicable

The detailed policies cover most common purchase dispute scenarios. Customers need to provide necessary documentation during ticket creation to avail seamless resolutions.

Advantages of Shopping Via m.trendyol.com

Beyond the exhaustive product catalogue, managing user account on-the-go, flexible delivery and payment methods – here are some additional advantages of patronizing m.trendyol.com:

1. Anytime Access
The mobile site can be easily accessed 24×7 through browser on phones or tablets, without needing app installs.

2. Faster Loading Site
Lightweight pages of m.trendyol.com load way quicker than main website or apps even on slower internet.

3. Push Notifications
Opting allows receiving timely personalized alerts on deals, new arrivals etc without using apps.

4. Less Data Consumption
Minus heavy graphics, mobile site uses minimal data per session ideal even on limited internet packs.

5. Streamlined Flows
Simplified browsing to buying experiences designed for smaller touchscreens enables quicker completions forauthenticated transactions.

Together these enhancements make m.trendyol.com platform the easiest gateway for value shoppers to discover exciting deals on-the-move and experience efficient mobile commerce tailored for dynamic lifestyles.

Top Trendyol Mobile Exclusive Deals

To allow mobile users discover tailored offerings, Trendyol provides timed and inventory limited ‘Mobile Exclusive’ deals exclusively on m.trendyol.com promising additional discounts:

Following are current best deals on m.trendyol.com:

1. Women’s Clothing Under ₺50

Up to 60% instant discount on 3000+ women’s apparel from dresses, jumpsuits, skirts etc

2. Men’s Winter Wear

Additional 25% off on heavy discounted jackets, sweaters, thermals

3. Smartphones & Accessories

Flash deal prices on renewed premium smartphones, cables, chargers etc

4. Home & Kitchenware

Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal on cutlery, table linen, kitchen tools etc

5. Beauty Care Essentials

Min 40% off on hair care, body lotions, fragrances, bath gels & more

Exclusive lower pricing compared to main site gives mobile visitors added incentive to shop high value deals from m.trendyol.com platform directly.


m.trendyol.com offers optimized mobile shopping experience replicating most features of Trendyol app without need for installing separate application. Easy user account management, multiple payment and delivery methods, streamlined order flows tailored for smaller touch screens enhance convenience.

Periodic mobile exclusive deals, personalized recommendations, seamless browsing and buying journeys makes m.trendyol.com a compelling value shopping gateway for Turkish consumers preferring browser based access on smartphones.

So next time you crave retail therapy on-the-move, just fire up the mobile browser and tap into m.trendyol.com to unlock best bargains conveniently!


Is it safe to shop on m.trendyol.com?

Yes, m.trendyol.com uses secure encryption for processing payments and storing user data. Shopping safely requires users to not share account passwords or OTPs. Enable two-factor authentication for added security.

How can I get discounts on m.trendyol mobile site?

Visit Discovery deals section showcasing current promotions. New user sign up coupons also available sometimes. Limited time mobile-exclusive price drops offered. Watching products can alert price drops.

What is the difference between m.trendyol.com and Trendyol app?

Most key features are common including catalogue, user accounts, personalized deals, product reviews etc. Main difference is m.trendyol.com needs only a mobile browser while installing separate app is required for Android/iOS apps. Both are equally convenient.

Does m.trendyol.com have an English language option?

Currently m.trendyol.com is available only in Turkish language. To allow international visitors, browser based page translation plugins can be used. But native English UI is not there.

How do returns and refunds work on mobile site orders?

Same return policy terms active on m.trendyol.com. User can raise return requests from order page providing reason details. Once approved, refund gets credited automatically within 15 days.

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